Physical Oceanography Annual Reports FY15

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Authors Annual Reports
Matthew H. Alford, John B. Mickett High Resolution Measurements of Nonlinear Internal Waves and Mixing on the Washington Continental Shelf
Matthew H. Alford, Jennifer A. MacKinnon, Gunnar Voet Moored and Towed Measurements of Lee Waves at West Mariana Ridge
Magdalena Andres Kuroshio Transport East of Taiwan and the Effect of Mesoscale Eddies
Hernan G. Arango A Community Terrain-Following Ocean Modeling System (ROMS)
Michael Banner, Russel Morison Refined Source Terms in WAVEWATCH III with Wave Breaking and Sea Spray Forecasts
Lisa Beal, Shane Elipot Rectified Circulation of the Arabian Sea and Its Seasonal Internal Wave Field
Subrahmanyam Bulusu Upper Ocean Mixing Processes and Circulation in the Arabian Sea During Monsoons Using Remote Sensing, Hydrographic Observations and HYCOM Simulations
Luca Centurioni, Verena Hermann Drifter Studies of the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea
Luca Centurioni Near-surface Circulation and Fate of Upper Layer Fresh Water from Rivers Runoff and Rain in the Bay of Bengal Near Sri Lanka
Bruce D. Cornuelle Multiscale Study of Currents Affected by Topography
Bruce D. Cornuelle Multiscale Study of Currents Affected by Topography
Eric A D'Asaro Upper Ocean Stratification in the Bay of Bengal
Eric A D'Asaro Lateral Mixing
Eric A. D'Asaro, Ramsey Harcourt, Andrey Shcherbina Langmuir Turbulence
Russ E. Davis, Jeffrey T. Sherman Development of a Long-Range Underwater Vehicle
Jeffrey Early Studies of Stirring and Mixing at the Submesoscale in the Ocean
John T. Farrar, Robert A. Weller Atmospheric Forcing and the Structure and Evolution of the Upper Ocean in the Bay of Bengal
Harindra J.S. Fernando ASIRI: Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Waves and Instabilities (RAWI)
Harindra J.S. Fernando, Iossif Lozovatsky Air-Sea and Lateral Exchange Processes in East Indian Coastal Current off Sri Lanka
Oliver Fringer Development of Improved Algorithms and Multiscale Modeling Capability with SUNTANS
Sarah Giddings Seychelles Fisheries Connectivity and Transport Pathways
Arnold L. Gordon Measuring Turbulence Mixing in Indonesian Seas using Microstructure EM-APEX Floats
Arnold L. Gordon Bay of Bengal Surface and Thermocline and the Arabian Sea
Ramsey R. Harcourt Northern Arabian Sea Circulation - Autonomous Research (NASCar) DRI: A Study of Vertical Mixing Processes in the Northern Arabian Sea
Karl R. Helfrich, Brian L. White Tilting Shear Layers in Coastal Flows
Tommy Jensen Modeling of Air-Sea Interaction and Ocean Processes for the Northern Arabian Sea Circulation - Autonomous Research Project
T. M. Shaun Johnston Island-Trapped Waves, Internal Waves, and Island Circulation
T. M. Shaun Johnston Acquisition of an Underway CTD System for the Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography DRI
T. M. Shaun Johnston Flow Around Steep Topography
Eric Kunze Lateral Mixing DRI Analysis: Submesoscale, Fine- and Microstructure Surveys of Internal Waves, Turbulence and Water-Mass Variability
Eric Kunze Finescale Water-Mass Variability from ARGO Profiling Floats
Craig M. Lee, Luc Rainville, Jason I. GObat Wind-Driven Circulation and Freshwater Fluxes off Sri Lanka: 4D-Sampling with Autonomous Gliders
M. -Pascale Lelong Numerical Simulations of Vortical Mode Stirring: Effects of Large-Scale Shear and Strain
Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux High-Order Multi-Resolution Multi-Dynamics Modeling for FLEAT
Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux Northern Arabian Sea Circulation - Autonomous Research: Optimal Planning Systems (NASCar-OPS)
Pierre F.J. Lermusiaux Long-Duration Environmentally-Adaptive Autonomous Rigorous Naval Systems
Ren-Chieh Lien Early Student Support for a Process Study of Oceanic Responses to Typhoons
Ren-Chieh Lien Measuring Turbulence Mixing in Indonesian Seas using Microstructure EM-APEX Floats
Ren-Chieh Lien, Frank Henyey Generation and Evolution of Internal Waves in Luzon Strait
Ren-Chieh Lien Separating Internal Waves and Vortical Motions: Analysis of LatMix X-EM-APEX Float Measurements
Ren-Chieh Lien Studying the Origin of the Kuroshio with an Array of ADCP-CTD Moorings
Barry Ma Observation of the Near-seabed Velocity and Particles Resuspension During Nonlinear Internal Solitary Wave Events near the Dongsha Plateau at the Northern South China Sea
Daniel G. MacDonald, Mehdi Raessi The Role of Scale in the Development and Evolution of Stratified Shear Turbulence, Entrainment and Mixing
Amala Mahadevan, Amit Tandon Coastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI
Julie L. McClean Monsoon Variability in the Arabian Sea from Global 0.08-degree HYCOM Simulations
Mark A. Merrifield Surface & Internal Wave Processes in the Coastal Zone of an Atoll Island
Jonathan Nash ROSS: The Remotely-Operated Surface Sampler
Geno Pawlak Observations of Local Seychelles Circulation
Thomas Peacock, Jae-Hun Park Investigating Flow Features Near Abrupt Topography in the Mariana Basin
Bo Qiu Elucidating Dynamical Processes Relevant to Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography (FLEAT)
Steven R. Ramp Extended Analysis of the PhilSea10 Data Set from the Western Tropical Pacific and Transitioning Results to the Operational Navy
Steven R. Ramp Synthesis of Moored Observations Collected During the IWISE 2011 Field Program in the South China Sea
Steven R. Ramp Data Analysis and Synthesis for the ONR Undersea Sand Dunes in the South China Sea Field Experiments
Stephen Riser Upper Ocean Measurements from Profiling Floats in the Arabian Sea During NASCar
Daniel L. Rudnick, Luca Centurioni, Bruce Cornuelle, Julie McClean Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Current
Daniel L. Rudnick Glider Observations of Upper Ocean Structure in the Bay of Bengal
Daniel L. Rudnick Glider Observations of Circulation Around an Island
Thomas Sanford Studies of the Origins of the Kuroshio and Mindanao Currents with EM-APEX Floats and HPIES
Uwe Send, Matthias Lankhorst Integrating Observations of the Boundary Current Flow around Sri Lanka
Andrey Shcherbina Arabian Sea Fronts and Barrier Layers
Emily Shroyer, James Moum SST Control by Subsurface Mixing during Indian Ocean Monsoons
Emily Shroyer Early Student Support for "SST Control by Subsurface Mixing during Indian Ocean Monsoons"
Eric D. Skyllingstad Large-Eddy Simulations of the Tropical Boundary Layer and Upper Ocean Coupling in the Arabian Sea
Janet Sprintall Quantifying Boundary Currents in the Arabian Sea
DD Stretch Microstructure and Mixing: Interactions of Energetic Flow and Eddies with Complex Topography in the Western Indian Ocean
Miles A. Sundermeyer LatMix 2011 and 2012 Dispersion Analysis
Amit Tandon Data Serving for ASIRI Participants
Amit Tandon, Amala Mahadevan Coastal and Submesoscale Process Studies for ASIRI
Eric Terrill An Integrated Network of In situ and Remote Sensors to Characterize the Somali Current
Hemantha Wijesekera Flow-Topography Interactions in the Vicinity of a Deep Ocean Island and a Ridge

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