Power and Energy Research, National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering

Work in these areas supports the Navy’s interest in advanced sea platform performance, naval engineering, and advanced naval power and energy systems science and technology (S&T):

  • Education and outreach in naval engineering to maintain the health of naval-critical S&T areas so that a robust research expertise is sustained in the U.S. National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering
  • Centers for Innovation in Naval Technologies maintain the health of critical naval S&T tools, processes and analyses, and add to the national pipeline of new researchers, engineers and faculty in naval architecture and marine engineering
  • The objective of the Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium is to bring combined programs and resources of leading electric power research institutions to advance near- to mid-term electric ship concepts

Research Concentration Areas

  • Robust research expertise is sustained in the U.S. working on long-term problems of importance to the Department of the Navy
  • Maintain an adequate pipeline of new researchers, engineers and faculty to support the Department of the Navy

Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Investing and stabilizing sufficient resources (funding and staff) in the relevant programs
  • Maintaining key S&T areas in naval engineering including:
    • Ship design tools
    • Ship structural materials
    • Hydrodynamics
    • Advanced hull designs
    • Ship propulsion
    • Ship automation
    • Systems integration
  • Sustaining, in conjunction with industry, an infrastructure for innovative shipbuilding concept
  • Developing university/industry/laboratory consortia that focus on naval engineering relevant S&T

Type of Funding Available

  • Basic Research
  • Applied Research
  • Advanced Technology Development

For More Information

Watch ONR's Power & Energy Technology video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1101UBFa0s

Program Contact Information

Name: Ms. Kelly Cooper

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 331

Email for Questions: kelly.cooper1@navy.mil

Program Funding

Submit white papers, QUAD charts and full proposals for contracts to this email address: ONR Code 33 Research Submissions

Follow instructions within BAA for submission of grant proposals to grants.gov website.

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