This program supports basic research on optical and acoustic metamaterials to control light and sound propagation over a large frequency range. The program supports the development of new materials and architectures to overcome challenges associated with loss, bandwidth and scalability. Advances in this area are coordinated with applied signature programs. This work supports the Navy’s interest in advanced sea platform survivability science and technology.

Research Concentration Areas

  • New concepts at visible and infrared wavelengths, and demonstrate novel techniques for their realization over large areas
  • Novel materials and structures that achieve subwavelength spatial control of sound propagation in water at audible frequencies

Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Non-metallic materials which simultaneously display negative permeability and permittivity at visible/near-IR wavelengths
  • Novel fabrication methods to produce large area samples
  • Nonlinear materials with tunable electromagnetic properties
  • Active and reconfigurable acoustic metamaterials
  • Water-based pentamode materials and inertial metafluids
  • Computational tools and experimental techniques for water-based parameter extraction

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Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. Mark Spector

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 331

Email for Questions:

How to Submit

Submit white papers, QUAD charts and full proposals for contracts to this email address: ONR Code 33 Research Submissions

Follow instructions within BAA for submission of grant proposals to website.

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