Ship Structural Reliability

The Ship Structural Reliability program is focused on the development of reliability-based knowledge and tools to improve performance and affordability of naval ship hull structures from cradle to grave. Work in this research area supports the Navy’s interest in advanced sea platform survivability science and technology, and naval engineering.

Research Concentration Areas

  • Improve remaining structural service life predictions with greater confidence than provided by existing design-oriented tools
  • Provide effective and novel ship structural repair strategies at greatly reduced time and cost
  • Support the understanding of the severity of projected or experienced damage and the likelihood of significant failure in operation, or with repairs

Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Advance structural capability and degradation models/data to enable reliability-based design/analysis regardless of material choice (e.g., aluminum, fiber reinforced plastic, steel)
  • Develop reliability-based knowledge and tools to improve performance and affordability of ship hull structural systems from cradle to grave
  • Develop seaway load and load effect models reflecting wave and ice impacts, with supporting data
  • Evolve structural longevity methodologies to support life-cycle management, and service life prediction and assurance

Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. Paul Hess

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 331

Email for Questions:

How to Submit

Submit white papers, QUAD charts and full proposals for contracts to this email address: ONR Code 33 Research Submissions

Follow instructions within BAA for submission of grant proposals to website.

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