Structural Materials Program

Structural metals are the basis of the modern Navy. Ship construction depends critically upon the assembly of metal plates bonded to each other and to an underlying metal support framework. The physical and mechanical properties of these metals limit the designs of ships, aircraft and ground vehicles. The chemistry and solid-state physics of alloy formation certainly plays an important role in determining the properties of any particular alloy.

This Office of Naval Research program aims to design an alloy to possess optimal mechanical properties for a particular application, and the highest corrosion resistance, with the lightest weight. The joining and welding of metals also pervades the military. The integrity of a welded joint, under all possible environmental conditions, is critically important in ships and aircraft. Research supported in this program focuses closely on the physics, chemistry and materials science of welds to understand the origins of bonding strength and adhesion between different joined substances.


  • Manufacturing

Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. William Mullins

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 33

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