Advanced Power and Energy for Undersea Applications

The Advanced Power and Energy for Undersea Applications program aims to develop component, subsystem and system technologies for advanced high-energy density and power density propulsion systems, and enabling increased endurance and reliability in an air-independent environment.

The program has an annual review of all current performers to cover current Navy science and technology (S&T) efforts in the areas of air-independent energy, propulsion technologies for unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs) and undersea weapons. The review discusses S&T progress to date in these efforts and fosters discussion and future collaboration among the performers, while helping to formulate future S&T strategies.

Research Concentration Areas

  • Batteries (electrolytes, safety approaches, cathode and anode materials)
  • Electrochemical Models
  • Engines/motors for underwater applications
  • Fuel cells (proton exchange membrane, solid oxide and regenerative)
  • Fuels and oxidizers (generation, reformation, storage and delivery technologies and methods)
  • Hybrid systems
  • Refueling/recharging approaches
  • Semi-fuel cells (Al, Mg, Li)
  • Thermal power plants

Research Challenges and Opportunities

Some examples of focus areas for research are listed below. This list is not all-encompassing. Please reach out to the program officer listed below for further information.

  • Anion exchange and bipolar membranes for electrochemical energy conversion
  • Electrochemical energy conversion in fuel cells for underwater propulsion
  • Next-generation hydrogen storage materials for UUVs
  • Operando optical studies for understanding combustion mechanisms in fuels for undersea weapons
  • Oxygen generation for use in UUVs

Updated: November 2020

Program Contact Information

Name: Maria Medeiros

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 333

Email for Questions:

How to Submit

For detailed application and submission information for this research topic, please see our Funding Opportunities page and refer to broad agency announcement (BAA) No. N00014-21-S-B001.

  • Contracts: All white papers and full proposals for contracts must be submitted through FedConnect; instructions are included in the BAA.
  • Grants: All white papers for grants must be submitted through FedConnect, and full proposals for grants must be submitted through; instructions are included in the BAA.

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