Fleet Integrated Synthetic Training (FIST)

FIST was created by ONR in response to demand signals from the Fleet pointing to the lack of synthetic training opportunities for Strike Group Combatant Commanders that impose multiple simultaneous mission demands. To answer this demand FIST was composed as a reconfigurable array of Strike Group combat system emulations, including weapons, sensors, command and control systems, decision support systems and communications. All these emulations operate on the same tactical software as used on combatant ships to provide a realistic experience for training audiences. This environment enables the use of FIST capabilities to conduct a broad range of training system development and assessment activities, including

  • Synthetic training system development for export to both shipboard and shore-based activities
  • Demonstration of ONR-sponsored training systems to potential Fleet customers
  • Experimentation to assess the effects on mission effectiveness of losses (for example, GPS degradation) or gains (for example enhanced EMW capabilities)
  • Integration of synthetic training system components developed by Navy and industrial partners
  • Training system calibration based on performance standards set by subject matter expert set performance standards
  • Scenario-based training effectiveness assessment
  • Performance metrics development and validation
  • Live, virtual and constructive modeling development for at-sea training and assessment

Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Computationally efficient “right fidelity” models to populate simulations for shipboard and shoreside applications, for example of the
    • Impacts of denial and degradation on sensory and weapons system performance
    • Impacts of atmospherics on combat system performance
    • Potential impacts of system degradation, cognitive load, fatigue and stress on decision-making performance, both BLUFOR and OPFOR

  • User friendly simulation environments and interfaces to facilitate the on-station tailoring of combat scenarios to address rapidly changing adversary tactics
  • Objective, validated metrics to asses individual and team performance and mission effectiveness
  • Welcome are novel training and testing technologies a provider wishes to integrate into larger training systems or be exhibited to potential Fleet customers

Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. Harold Hawkins

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 34

Email for Questions: harold.hawkins@navy.mil

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