Auditory Neuroscience & Performance

The aim of Auditory Neuroscience & Performance is to develop science and technology solutions for improved situational awareness and tactical communications in noisy operational and training environments and decreased incidence of noise induced auditory injuries and tinnitus. Technologies include improved methods, models, treatments, and devices for enhancing communications in operational and training scenarios, as well as understanding, preventing, or mitigating factors that negatively impact Warfighters auditory performance.

Research Concentration Areas

  • Understanding and mitigation of cochlear hair cell and nerve cell damage/death
  • Understanding and mitigation of temporary threshold shifts
  • Operator communication performance optimization
  • Technology development for localization and communication in high noise environments

Research Challenges and Opportunities

  • Basic research to understand the pathology and etiology of auditory injuries/tinnitus, hidden hearing loss
  • Basic research to understand the cognitive impacts and individual responses of the various noise exposures
  • Basic research to understand the pathways to regenerate cochlear hair cells and auditory nerve cells
  • Applied research investigating the cognitive impacts and individual responses of noise various exposures/ environments (e.g. – genetics, metabolic pathways)
  • Applied research investigating prophylactic counter-measures for high noise exposures
  • Development of technologies that enhance situational awareness and communication operations and training
  • Development of auditory and central processing technologies for auditory readiness
  • Development of technologies that provide noise exposure mitigation and risk assessments

Program Contact Information

Name: Mr. Kurt Yankaskas

Title: Program Officer

Department: Code 342

Email for Questions:

How to Submit

Submit white papers, QUAD charts and full proposals for contracts to this email address: ONR Code 34 Research Submissions

Follow instructions within BAA for submission of grant proposals to website.

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