Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility

The Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility (EMPF) was established in 1984 to aid the electronics industry in improving electronics manufacturing processes required in the manufacture of military systems. Today, the EMPF operates as a national electronics manufacturing COE focused on the development, application, and transfer of new electronics manufacturing technology by partnering with industry, academia, and government centers and laboratories to maximize available research capabilities at the lowest possible cost. The EMPF serves as a corporate residence of expertise in electronics manufacturing. The EMPF’s principal goals are to improve responsiveness to the needs of DOD electronics systems, ensure that deliverables make a significant impact in the electronics manufacturing industry, facilitate the development and transition of technology to the factory floor, and expand the customer base to a national level.

The EMPF operates in a modern 36,000-square-foot facility adjacent to the Philadelphia International Airport. The facility houses a demonstration factory containing the latest electronics manufacturing equipment, fully equipped classrooms for skill-based and professional-level technical training, and an analytical laboratory for materials and environmental testing. The EMPF offers many electronics manufacturing services and capabilities to the U.S. Navy, DOD, and the U.S. electronics manufacturing industrial base. The EMPF’s resident technical staff consists of the nation’s leading electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, materials scientists, chemists, physicists, instructors, and technicians. The EMPF staff is dedicated to the advancement of environmentally safe electronics manufacturing processes, equipment, materials, and practices; flexible electronics manufacturing technologies; and workforce competency.

EMPF website: http://www.empf.org

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