ORTA Training Requirements

Navy Domestic Technology Transfer training requirements are governed by SECNAVINST 5700.17A. Failure to comply with this instruction could result in revocation of ORTA designation.

For ORTA Representative Designation, SECNAVINST 5700.17A requires:

Upon request for ORTA representative designation, the appointee must have completed the following Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses* within the preceding 30 days of the designation request. Course completion certificates must be submitted with the designation request package.

  • CLE 068: Intellectual Property and Data Rights
  • CLE 069: Technology Transfer

* DAU courses replace the online Department of Navy ORTA Training module.

For Annual ORTA training, SECNAVINST 5700.17A requires:

The designated and approved ORTA representative will complete at least 8 hours of T2 training each calendar year.

  • The DON T2 program office may offer training, either online or in-person. The DON T2 program office will announce upcoming training opportunities during monthly ORTA teleconferences and email announcements.
  • T2 online trainings can be found on the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) website. These discrete online courses focus on key T2 concepts. Each course ranges from 15-90 minutes in length and are available on-demand. Please visit the FLC website for these online training modules: https://federallabs.org/learning-center/on-demand/online-courses

All DON T2-designated ORTAs are required to submit a summary of completed trainings, including hours and source, to the DON T2 program office by December 15 of each calendar year.

This training summary should be submitted to the DON T2 program office as part of the Annual T2 Business Plan required by each T2 designated laboratory activity.

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