DON T2 Handbook

This Department of the Navy (DoN) Technology Transfer (T2) Handbook is a reference guide for the Navy Technology Transfer community and is available in digital format. This handbook replaces the 2nd Edition Navy Standard Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (NSCRADA) Handbook, including and updating subject matter from the 2nd Edition NSCRADA Handbook and incorporating other useful technology transfer topics. A more detailed table of contents is provided at the beginning of the document as well as in the eight sections and subsections, including introductory text. A companion patent licensing handbook (DoN T2 Handbook Volume II: Patent and Computer Software Licenses) is planned.

DON T2 Handbook
DoN T2 HANDBOOK—First Edition, Volume One dated September 2018 (.pdf 3.2 MB)
Examples and Templates
Amendment Example (.docx 18KB)
Amendment Format Example (.docx 14KB)
Clinical Trials Non-Standard CRADA (.docx 77KB)
CRADA Final Report Sample (.docx 15KB)
Due Diligence for CRADAs (.docx 16KB)
Education Partnership Agreement - Example One (.docx 33KB)
Education Partnership Agreement - Example Two (.docx 25KB)
License Grantback Agreements (.docx 14KB)
Limited Purpose-CRADAs [Navy to Non-Navy] (.docx 30KB)
Limited Purpose-CRADAs [Non-Navy to Navy] (.docx 63KB)
Multiple Party Non-Standard CRADA (.docx 30KB)
Non-Disclosure - Bilateral Agreement (.docx 23KB)
Non-Disclosure Agreement for Federal Employees - Example One (.docx 14KB)
Non-Disclosure Agreement for Federal Employees - Example Two (.docx 14KB)
Non-Disclosure Agreement for Industry (.docx 16KB)
Partnership Intermediary Agreement (.docx 29KB)
Principal Investigator Responsibilities Memo (.docx 16KB)
Sample CRADA Application (.docx 22KB)
SBIR Funded Non-Standard CRADA (.docx 63KB)
Security Questionnaire for a CRADA Application (.docx 27KB)
Standard Navy CRADA (.docx 64KB)
Statement of Work Example (.docx 15KB)
Table 1 - Ways of Doing Business (.docx 28 KB)
Table 2 - Distribution Statements and Reasons For Use (.docx 18 KB)
Table 3 - ORTA Checklist (.docx 19KB)
Technical Assistance Non-Standard CRADA (.docx 70KB)
Third Party Agreement [Navy Collaborator] (.docx 14KB)
Third Party Agreement [Non-Navy Collaborator] (.docx 15KB)
Tool Kit - Links to Foreign Disclosure and Export Control Laws,Regulations and Other Useful References (.docx 18KB)
U.S. Trade Representative Sample Letter   (.docx 14KB)

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