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Naval Science Awards Program (NSAP) - Fair Season 2023

Judges & Presenters

Point of Contact
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Naval Science Awards Program (NSAP)

Naval Science Awards Program (NSAP)

The Naval Science Awards Program works to provide all registered regional and state science fairs with qualified judges and presenters.

The Office of Naval Research looks for volunteers to serve as judges and presenters from the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE). NRE representatives include Navy and Marine Corps active-duty and reserve officers, and scientists and engineers carrying out Naval-relevant research (principal investigators or graduate students at universities or scientists or engineers at Navy labs, in industry or at nonprofit research facilities). We also seek to include junior and senior undergraduate students from the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC).

All Naval Science Awards Program judges are expected to have science, technology, engineering, or mathematics undergraduate degrees. USNA and NROTC students serving as judges shall have science, technology, engineering, or mathematics majors.

Except for team projects, our judges evaluate projects in all categories. Presenters are responsible for awarding the certificates and/or monetary awards to Naval Science Awards Recipients.

In the second week of May, the International Science and Engineering Fair is the apex of most science fairs' annual cycle. Judges for this event are chosen, using a Board process, from those who have served as a judge or presenter during the year.

To locate fairs in your area, please View Registered Science Fairs. If you decide you want to participate in a regional or state science fair as a judge or presenter, please Register for this fair season.

Please review the important information in the following links regarding the Naval Science Awards Program expectations for Judges and Presenters:

After the fair, please return to this website and enter Feedback about your judging or presenting experience. Also, select Naval Science Award Recipients to provide us with information on the students you recognized with Naval Science Awards.