Solution Request Process

The process is relatively easy, but we do require that you register for an account. Once completed (Sailors and Marines will be approved within 5-10 minutes) you'll be able to submit new ideas and request a solution, as discussed below. Once you have an account, you'll be able to chat via the TechSolutions Wiki with TechSolutions representatives, as well as view additional information about the TechSolutions program.


First, make sure you have registered for an account. Fleet members should receive a system-generated email about their new account, while NR&DE members should see Note #2 below.

Note #1: Access restricted to .mil networks and requires a valid CAC and .mil email address.

Note #2: The registration link above is meant for Navy/USMC service members only. If you are a civilian at a naval lab or warfare center, register on your home site, e.g.,, (NRL) which will then be synchronized to the TechSolutions site. Please use this link for the TechSolutions wiki.


Once registered, you can log in here.

You should receive a CAC prompt, at which point you may select either certificate to proceed. If you experience any issues with registration or log in, please call (703) 696-0616 or email to let us know.


You will see a Request A Solution button to begin immediately, or you may read additional information about the program, including past projects, presentations, and more.


Who can submit a solution request?

Any Sailor, Marine, or Science Advisor.

Do I have to be on a .mil network?

Yes. Fleet members are required to use a .mil network connection and valid Common Access Card (CAC) in order to register for an account and access the TechSolutions system.

Will I be notified if my solution request is accepted or declined?

Yes. You will receive a notification when we have received your request, along with the status of your request after it has been reviewed.

What if I'm unable to access the system? Can I submit my solution request via e-mail?

Yes. If for some reason you are unable to access a .mil network to register on the TechSolutions site, you may still use a .mil email address to submit your request. Instructions are available here.

I'm a NR&DE member - do I still need to register?

NAVWAR, NAVSEA, NAVAIR, MCSC, and NRE personnel should register on their home site (,, etc.) and accounts are then syncronized with the TechSolutions site.


Date Item
20 JULY 2018 TechSolutions Flier (pdf)
20 JULY 2018 How to submit a solution request (pdf)
20 JULY 2018 How to submit a request via email (pdf)
20 JULY 2018 Information for NR&DE (pdf)
1 JUNE 2018 Register for an account (link)
1 JUNE 2018 TechSolutions Wiki (link)


(703) 696-0616


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