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Warmer Wetsuit Will Increase Navy Dive Time

To protect U.S. Navy divers operating in freezing conditions, ONR is sponsoring work to design a wetsuit mirroring the insulating properties of animal blubber, allowing divers to swim in frozen waters for longer periods of time.

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Naval STEM

The Naval Edge (Summer 2018)The Naval STEM newsletter shares stories from across the Naval STEM community and highlights how the community is building a diverse, innovative, world-class workforce. This workforce will maintain the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps' technological, educational, inspirational and maritime superiority. Download the Summer 2018 edition of "The Naval Edge—Today's STEM: Accelerate Your Future."

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Navy, Carnegie Mellon Enter Education Partnership

The Office of Naval Research, Naval Research Laboratory and Carnegie Mellon University have entered into an Education Partnership Agreement to encourage and strengthen studies in the scientific disciplines.

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