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New Autonomous Flight Technology

Autonomy options for the Marine Corps have taken a major step forward, as officials at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) announced today a successful final helicopter flight demonstration with autonomous capability at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., part of the Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System (AACUS) program. AACUS is a partnership between ONR and technology company Aurora Flight Sciences.


    Autonomous System

Naval STEM

The Naval Edge (Winter 2018)The Winter 2018 edition of The Naval Edge—Today's STEM: Accelerate Your Future newsletter shares stories from across the Naval STEM community and highlights how the community is building a diverse, innovative, world-class workforce. This workforce will maintain the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps' technological, educational, inspirational and maritime superiority.

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Science Solutions, from Cyber to the Skies

Science advisors from the Office of Naval Research Global play a key role in today’s naval technology—connecting the warfighter to cutting-edge capabilities in the air, at sea, on land and in the information/cyber domain.

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    Science Advisors

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