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Disaster Relief: How Can AI Improve Humanitarian Assistance?

On Aug. 2-3, ONR co-hosted a workshop discussing how artificial intelligence could be used to improve humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

  • CMU_AI

    Artificial Intelligence

Naval STEM

A Guide to Education & Workforce Naval STEM (2018)The Naval STEM newsletter shares stories from across the Naval STEM community and highlights how the community is building a diverse, innovative, world-class workforce. This workforce will maintain the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps' technological, educational, inspirational and maritime superiority. Download a special edition of the newsletter, the 2018 "A Guide to Education & Workforce Naval STEM."

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Vital Signs: High-Tech, Portable Health Monitor Treats Warfighters and Civilians

An ONR-sponsored technology designed to treat injured warfighters on the battlefield is proving its worth to civilian emergency-response teams.

  • WVSM

    Wireless Vital Signs Monitor

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