Visiting the Office of Naval Research   

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is located in a secure government building. All visitors must present a valid photo I.D. to security for entry. Visitors who do not possess a valid building permit should allow 15 minutes to complete ONR’s security protocol and should have an on-site ONR contact available for escort in the building. On-site building parking is available to visitors with a valid Department of Defense (DoD) building permit; general parking is available nearby.

Drop-In Visits

Individuals without a DoD building pass or DoD military or civilian Common Access Card (CAC) will require an escort and one form of picture ID.  Individuals utilizing a DoD military or civilian CAC to access the facility are required to present one additional form of picture ID. 

Classified Visits

A visit request is mandatory for all classified visits to ONR, regardless of the duration of the visit. Due to the number of visit requests submitted, ONR requires three business days to process all  visit requests whether received via the JPAS or by fax. Access to classified meetings at ONR will not be granted under any circumstance without a valid visit authorization request on file. (Download ONR's visit request instructions)

ONR is located in Arlington, Va., and is accessible by Metrorail as well as several area airports.

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