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Global-X: Agile Innovative Research

Global-X is a nine-month international science challenge that seeks revolutionary research through active worldwide cooperation

About Global-X

Accelerate Revolutionary Research. This is the Global-X brand promise. Accelerate: Only nine-months to demonstrate concept. Revolutionary: previously un-imagined technology through a multi-disciplinary approach. Research: The core of our command's mission (ONR Global).

The mission of the Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global) is to serve as the enduring Navy and Marine Corps global presence in technical and operational communities, investing in trusted partnerships to discover and connect science and technology leaders for sustained maritime security.

ONR Global recognizes international scientists and engineers conduct excellent research that is creative and novel. This Global-X Challenge provides an opportunity for these international researchers to collaborate, generate revolutionary ideas, and demonstrate these ideas will succeed.

ONR Global invites outstanding international researchers to form multi-national, multidisciplinary teams to address one or more of the capability challenges. ONR Global will competitively select and fund promising revolutionary international research projects with both military and commercial value. Global-X Challenge therefore will stimulate new, promising, high-risk research concepts whose technology maturity may be accelerated under separate agile follow-on technology development efforts to meet present and future U.S. Navy and Marine Corps capability needs.

Welcome to a new era of groundbreaking international science.
It's time for Global-X