2017 Young Investigator Award Recipients

  • Dr. Koray Aydin, Northwestern University
    Active Nanophotonics in the Flatland with Novel Hybrid Metasurfaces
    Program Officer: Dr. Brian Bennett, Electromagnetic Materials
  • Dr. Yimon Aye, Cornell University
    Gene Activation by Innate Nucleophilicity (GAIN): Enabling Precision Stress Defense on Demand
    Program Officer: Lt. Brian Andrews-Shigaki, Basic Biomedical
  • Dr. Dhruv Batra, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Explainable and Trustworthy Intelligent Systems
    Program Officer: Dr. Behzad Kamgar-Parsi, Machine Learning, Reasoning and Intelligence
  • Dr. Wenshan Cai, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Hot-Carrier-Induced Nonlinear Optical Processes in Photonic Metamaterials
    Program Officer: Dr. Mark Spector, Ship Systems and Engineering Research
  • Dr. Tzahi Cohen-Karni, Carnegie Mellon University
    Three-Dimensional -3D- Nanosensors Array For Measurement of the Electrical Activity of Microscale Human Brain Tissue
    Program Officer: Dr. Laura Kienker, Biomaterials and Bionanotechnology
  • Dr. Cory Dean, Columbia University
    Designer 2D Bandstructures by Superlattice Patterning of Layered Materials
    Program Officer: Dr. Chagaan Baatar, Nanoscale Computing Devices and Systems
  • Dr. Kelly Dorgan, Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium; University of South Alabama
    Impacts of Infauna on Acoustic and Geotechnical Properties of Sediments
    Program Officer: Dr. Kyle Becker, Ocean, Atmosphere and Space Research Division
  • Dr. Julian Norato Escobar, University of Connecticut
    Computational Synthesis of Composable-Material Structures from Manufacturing-Friendly Primitives
    Program Officer: Mr. William Nickerson, Airframe Structures and Materials
  • Dr. Sergey Frolov, University of Pittsburgh
    Semiconductor Nanowire-Based Quantum Emulators
    Program Officer: Dr. Chagaan Baatar, Nanoscale Computing Devices and Systems
  • Dr. Dennice Gayme, Johns Hopkins University
    A Restricted Nonlinear (RNL) Framework for Navy Vessel Boundary Layers: Exploiting Reduced Order Modeling to Inform New Drag Reduction Strategies
    Program Officer: Dr. Thomas Fu, Ship Systems and Engineering Research
  • Dr. Geoffrey Hollinger, Oregon State University
    Information-Aware Decision Making in Teams of Autonomous Vehicles and Humans
    Program Officer: Dr. Marc Steinberg, Science of Autonomy
  • Dr. Josh Kacher, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Correlating Microstructure to Corrosion Susceptibility using a Multiscale Electron Microscopy Approach
    Program Officer: Dr. Airan Perez, Corrosion Control
  • Dr. Boubacar Kante, University of California San Diego
    High-Power Bound state In the Continuum Laser
    Program Officer: Mr. Peter Morrison, Aerospace Science Research 
  • Dr. Sertac Karaman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Vision-based Agile Autonomous Navigation in Contested Environments using High-Performance Embedded Computing
    Program Officer: Dr. Marc Steinberg, Science of Autonomy 
  • Dr. Rebecca Kramer, Yale University
    Morphing Limbs with Distributed Actuation, Sensing and Variable Stiffness for Turtle- and Tortoise-Inspired Amphibious Locomotion
    Program Officer: Dr. Thomas McKenna, Bio-Inspired Autonomous Systems 
  • Dr. Leslie Lamberson, Drexel University
    Dynamic Fatigue and Fracture of Woven Polymer Matrix Composites Under Combined Mechanical-Environmental Loading
    Program Officer: Mr. William Nickerson, Airframe Structures and Materials
  • Dr. Megan Leftwich, George Washington University
    Sea Lion Swimming: A Model for Efficient, Hydrodynamically Quiet Propulsion
    Program Officer: Dr. Robert Brizzolara, Biologically Inspired Underwater Propulsion
  • Dr. Kelly Lombardo, University Of Connecticut
    Advancements in the Predictions of Littoral Quasi-linear Mesoscale Convective Systems
    Program Officer: Dr. Ronald Ferek, Marine Meteorology and Atmospheric Effects
  • Dr. Andrew Lucas, University of California San Diego
    The Impact of Internal Wave and Sub-Mesoscale Variability on Diurnal Cycling and Air-Sea Interactions
    Program Officer: Dr. Terri Paluszkiewicz, Physical Oceanography 
  • Dr. Maiken Mikkelsen, Duke University
    Metasurface-Based Perfect Absorbers for Robust and Adaptable Coatings
    Program Officer: Dr. Antti Makinen, Nanomaterials
  • Dr. Nenad Miljkovic, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Durable Multi-Functional Surfaces for Low and High Surface Tension Fluid Phase Change Heat Transfer
    Program Officer: Dr. Mark Spector, Ship Systems and Engineering Research
  • Dr. Tae Seok Moon, Washington University in St. Louis
    Engineering Probiotics to Manipulate Neurotransmitters
    Program Officer: Dr. Linda Chrisey, Synthetic Biology 
  • Dr. SungWoo Nam, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Energy Harvesting, Structural Monitoring Sensor Based on Corrugated Atomically-thin Semiconductors
    Program Officer: Dr. Ignacio Perez, Non-Destructive Evaluation and Prognostics: Advanced Sensors and Technologies
  • Dr. Michael O'Neil, New York University
    Toward Real-Time Electromagnetics Design: Fast, Accurate, and Robust Integral Equation-Based Solvers
    Program Officer: Dr. Reza Malek-Madani, Applied and Computational Analysis
  • Dr. Shayan Oveis Gharan, University Of Washington
    Applications of Algebraic Techniques in Algorithm Design
    Program Officer: Dr. Donald Wagner, Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences
  • Dr. Miroslav Pajic, Duke University
    Design of High-Assurance Cyber-Physical Systems
    Program Officer: Dr. Sukarno Mertoguno, Cyber Security and Complex Software Systems
  • Dr. Marco Pavone, Stanford University
    Proactive Decision Making for Autonomous Systems: a Formal Methods Approach
    Program Officer: Dr. Behzad Kamgar-Parsi, Machine Learning, Reasoning and Intelligence
  • Dr. Pavithra Prabhakar, Kansas State University
    Formal Synthesis of Robust, Optimal Controllers for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
    Program Officer: Dr. Marc Steinberg, Science of Autonomy
  • Dr. Peter Rakich, Yale University
    New Regimes of Classical and Quantum Phonon Dynamics: From Precision Time-Keeping to Quantum Information Processing
    Program Officer: Dr. Richard Willis, Atomic, Molecular & Quantum Physics
  • Dr. Padmini Rangamani, University Of California, San Diego
    Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Biological Membranes
    Program Officer: Dr. William D'Angelo, Undersea Medicine 
  • Dr. Kaushik Sengupta, Princeton University
    Bit-to-THz: Universally Programmable THz Surfaces with Sub-wavelength Field and Response Synthesis
    Program Officer: Dr. Daniel Purdy, Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism Department
  • Dr. Robert Shepherd, Cornell University
    Electrohydraulic Exoskeletons with Haptic Sensation Powered/Cooled by Robot Blood€
    Program Officer: Mr. Jeffrey Bradel, Maneuver Thrust Area
  • Dr. Tao Wei, University of Rhode Island
    Sub-Terahertz-Range-Interrogated Fiber-Optic Systems for Distributed Sensing Applications
    Program Officer: Mr. Michael Wardlaw, Maritime Sensing 
  • Dr. Yuebing Zheng, University of Texas at Austin
    Reconfigurable Multiband Metasurfaces and Devices with Atomic-Layer Materials
    Program Officer: Dr. Brian Bennett, Electromagnetic Materials

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