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Advanced Naval Platforms

The Advanced Naval Platforms Division is responsible for research programs advancing hull, mechanical and electrical systems, advanced logistics, Tactical Submarine Evolution Plan (TSEP) S&T, Platform Autonomy and Control, and the National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering.

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Naval Materials S&T

The Naval Materials Division supports basic and applied research and advanced development in the physical sciences and engineering, materials and processing, and environmental quality that enable enhanced performance, affordability and reliability for future and legacy Navy and Marine Corps systems and platforms.

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Weapons and Payloads

The Weapons and Payloads Division (ONR 333) supports basic, applied research and advanced technology development for sea platform total ownership cost reduction, advanced technology unmanned vehicle (UxV) power and energy systems, and undersea offensive and defensive weaponry and energetics to provide sea-based power projection through persistent anytime, anywhere access. The division also manages the National Naval Responsibility in Undersea Weapons.

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