Future Naval Capabilities (FNC)

The Future Naval Capabilities (FNC) program, initiated by the Department of the Navy in 2002, is a science and technology (S&T) process designed to develop and transition cutting-edge technologies to acquisition programs of record within a three-year timeframe. The program delivers these technologies as FNCs for integration into platforms, weapons, sensors or specifications to improve Navy and Marine Corps warfighting and support capabilities. The program for FY18 and out was restructured to accelerate both the selection to commencement and the S&T development timelines.

FNCs typically begin at a point at which component validation in a laboratory/relevant environment has occurred (Technology Readiness Level, or TRL 4/5). FNCs are subsequently matured to the point of a demonstrated model or prototype in a relevant/operational environment (TRL 6/7). Once the FNC is demonstrated, the acquisition sponsor takes responsibility for conducting any additional research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) necessary to engineer and integrate the technology into an acquisition program of record, or other program, ultimately leading to the deployment of the new capability into the fleet or force.

Critical participants of the process include:

  • ONR
    • Develops effective S&T solutions
    • Manages execution of the FNC effort
  • Navy Staff / Headquarters Marine Corps
    • Identifies capability shortfalls which require S&T investments
    • Aligns transition funding
  • Acquisition Program Offices
    • Integrates and fields product into Program of Record
    • Develops required supporting documentation
  • Fleet and Force
    • Advocates for warfighter needs

For more information, contact the FNC team via email at onr.fnc-team@navy.mil.

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