Naval Research and Development Framework

Naval Research and Development Framework

Download the combined Naval R&D Framework and NRE Addendum

The Naval R&D Framework is a bold call to action: to be first to field decisive capabilities. It identifies key issues to address, as well as three components of the Framework—Align, Allocate and Accelerate—that will guide conversations and efforts across the “discovery to deployment” continuum of naval technology.

Applying the Framework to the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE), which includes ONR, ONR-Global, the Naval Research Laboratory and PMR-51, results in transformations to how we align research to Framework priorities, allocate our investment portfolios and accelerate decision-making to speed business execution.

Framework priorities are the aligning mechanism that guides decisions from research to acquisition. The future force attributes necessary for the Navy and Marine Corps After Next are reflected in the following priorities:

  • Augmented Warfighter
  • Integrated and Distributed Forces
  • Operational Endurance
  • Sensing and Sense-Making
  • Scalable Lethality

The NRE Addendum to the Framework outlines six integrated research portfolios. These portfolios support naval warfighting domains and offers insight for how researchers can contribute solutions to naval needs.

Maritime Superiority Starts Here—Naval capabilities begin with discoveries made in science and technology. Talented scientists and engineers in the NRE, and across ONR partners in industry, academia and government labs, draw upon basic research for new knowledge to develop new technologies that ultimately become new capabilities delivered by the acquisition community.

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