ONR Program Managers

Program Manager Program(s) Contact Info
Warren Adams
  • Computational Methods for Decision Making: Resource Optimization
  • Mathematical and Resource Optimization
Brian Almquist Ocean Engineering and Marine Systems brian.almquist@navy.mil
Michele Anderson
  • Dielectric Materials and Films
  • Electrochemical Materials
Paul Armistead
  • Dielectric Materials and Films
  • Environmental Quality Program: Benign Antifouling and Fouling Release Materials
  • Environmental Quality Program: Waste Treatment/Reduction and Analysis
  • Functional Polymeric and Organic Materials
  • Organic and Hybrid Photovoltaics
Chagaan Baatar Nanoscale Computing Devices and Systems chagaan.baatar@navy.mil
Waleed Barnawi Expeditionary Cyber waleed.barnawi@navy.mil
Roshdy Barsoum Alternative Hull Materials and Concepts roshdy.barsoum@navy.mil
Reginald Beach
  • Littoral Geosciences and Optics
  • National Oceanographic Partnership
Brian Bennett Electromagnetic Materials brian.r.bennett@navy.mil
Timothy Bentley Naval Force Health Protection timothy.b.bentley@navy.mil
Bradley Binder
  • Active Aperture Array
  • RF Surveillance
Joseph Borraccini Electric Power Components and Systems joseph.borraccini@navy.mil
Jeff Bradel Maneuver jeff.bradel@navy.mil
Robert Brizzolara Unmanned Surface Vehicle and Small Combatant Craft robert.brizzolara@navy.mil
Sandra Chapman Undersea Medicine & Performance sandra.chapman@navy.mil
Sarwat Chappell
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • High-Temperature Technologies for Naval Applications
Linda Chrisey
  • Gut Microbiology for Warfighter Resilience
  • Microbial Electrochemical Systems
  • Synthetic Biology for Naval Applications
H. Scott Coombe Power & Energy harold.coombe@navy.mil
Kelly Cooper Naval Engineering kelly.cooper1@navy.mil
Santanu Das Communications and Networking santanu.das@navy.mil
Roberto Diener
  • Atomic, Molecular and Quantum Physics
  • Quantum Information Science
David Drumheller Undersea Weapons david.drumheller@navy.mil
Daniel Eleuterio Marine Meteorology and Space daniel.eleuterio@navy.mil
Ronald Ferek Marine Meteorology and Space ron.ferek@navy.mil
Rebecca Goolsby Social Networks and Computational Social Science rebecca.goolsby@navy.mil
Joseph Gorski Hydrodynamics Related to Ships/Submarines joseph.j.gorski@navy.mil
Daniel Green Electronic Warfare daniel.s.green2@navy.mil
Scott Harper
  • Arctic and Global Prediction
  • Physical Oceanography
Harold Hawkins
  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation for Training and Analysis
  • Cognitive Neuroscience of Perception and Attention
Robert Headrick Ocean Acoustics bob.headrick@navy.mil
Kenneth Heeke
  • Code 35 Future Naval Capabilities
  • Code 35 Innovative Naval Prototype
Kristy Hentchel
  • Auditory Neuroscience & Performance
  • Bio-inspired Signature Management
Paul Hess
  • At-Sea Sustainment
  • Ship Structural Reliability
Donald Hoffman Power Generation and Energy Storage donald.hoffman@navy.mil
Ryan Hoffman Directed Energy Weapons: High Power Microwaves ryan.hoffman@navy.mil
Brian Holm-hansen
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight Dynamics & Control
Behzad Kamgar-Parsi
  • Computational Methods for Decision Making: Automated Image Understanding
  • Machine Learning, Reasoning and Intelligence
Laura Kienker
  • Biomaterials and Bionanotechnology
  • Marine Mammal Health
  • Stress Response
Ki-Han Kim Propulsor Hydrodynamics and Hydroacoustics kihan.kim@navy.mil
William Krebs Command and Control william.krebs@navy.mil
Martin Kruger Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) martin.kruger1@navy.mil
Kevin Leonard EO/IR Sensors and Sensor Processing kevin.r.leonard@navy.mil
Woei-Min Lin Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering woei-min.lin@navy.mil
Kenny Lipkowitz Computer-Aided Materials Design kenny.lipkowitz@navy.mil
Geoffrey L. Main Underwater Signatures (Electromagnetic): Seabasing Logistics and Amphibious Craft geoffrey.main@navy.mil
Paul Maki Electronic Devices, RF Semiconductors and Amplifiers paul.maki@navy.mil
Antti Makinen Nano-engineered Materials antti.makinen@navy.mil
Reza Malek-Madani Applied and Computational Analysis reza.malekmadani@navy.mil
Eric Marineau Hypersonic Aerodynamics, Heat Transfer and Materials eric.marineau@navy.mil
Steven Martens
  • Jet Noise Reduction
  • Power, Propulsion and Thermal Management
Lee Mastroianni Force Protection lee.mastroianni@navy.mil
Thomas McKenna
  • Bio-Inspired Autonomous Systems
  • Cognitive Science for Human Machine Teaming
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Human Interaction with Autonomous Systems
Maria Medeiros
  • Advanced Power and Energy for Undersea Applications
  • Naval Enterprise Partnership Teaming with Universities for National Excellence
  • Navy Undersea Research
Jeffrey Morrison Command Decision Making (CDM) jeffrey.g.morrison@navy.mil
Peter Morrison Directed Energy Weapons: Counter Directed Energy Weapons and High Energy Lasers peter.a.morrison@navy.mil
John Muench Subsurface Platform john.muench@navy.mil
William Mullins Structural Metals william.m.mullins@navy.mil
Predrag Neskovic
  • Computational Methods for Decision Making: Large Scale Distributed Decision-making
  • Mathematical Data Science
Greg Orris SSBN Security Technology gregory.orris@navy.mil
Robert Palisin Cyber Security and Complex Software Systems robert.e.palisin@navy.mil
Terri Paluszkiewicz Physical Oceanography terri.paluszkiewicz@navy.mil
Kim Pavlovic Expeditionary Electronic Warfare-C4 kim.pavlovic@navy.mil
Ignacio Perez
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation and Prognostics: Advanced Sensors and Technologies
  • Polymer Matrix Composites
Airan Perez Corrosion Control Technologies airan.perez@navy.mil
Ray Perez Cognitive Science for Naval Adaptive Training ray.perez@navy.mil
Lynn J. Petersen Power Electronics & Electromagnetism, Adaptive & Machinery Controls and Advanced Machinery Systems lynn.j.petersen@navy.mil
Capt. Ben Pimental Command, Control, Computers, Communication (C4) benjamin.a.pimentel1@navy.mil
Anisur Rahman Airframe Structures and Materials anisur.rahman@navy.mil
Yapa Rajapakse Solid Mechanics yapa.rajapakse@navy.mil
Steve Russell Ship Signatures steven.j.russell@navy.mil
Quentin Saulter Directed Energy Weapons: Ultra-Short Pulse Laser and Atmospheric Characterization quentin.saulter@navy.mil
Tim Schnoor Oceanographic Research Facilities tim.schnoor@navy.mil
David Shifler Propulsion Materials david.shifler@navy.mil
Mike Shlesinger Nonlinear Physics mike.shlesinger@navy.mil
Billy Short Logistics billy.short@navy.mil
Dan Simons Fires dan.simons@navy.mil
Wallace Smith Acoustic Transduction Materials and Devices wallace.smith1@navy.mil
Mark Spector
  • Metamaterials
  • Thermal Science and Engineering
Peter Squire Human Performance Training and Education peter.squire@navy.mil
Marc Steinberg Science of Autonomy marc.steinberg.ctr@navy.mil
Chad Stoltz Energetic Materials chad.stoltz@navy.mil
Joshua Swift Physiological Monitoring and Modeling joshua.m.swift@navy.mil
John Tague Undersea Signal Processing john.a.tague@navy.mil
Gary Toth Assured Cyber Effects gary.toth@navy.mil
Deborah Van Vechten Cryogenically Enabled Electronics Technologies for Mixed Signal Systems deborah.vanvechten@navy.mil
Kathryn Wahl
  • Environmental Quality Program: Benign Antifouling and Fouling Release Materials
  • Environmental Quality Program: Waste Treatment/Reduction and Analysis
Peter B. Walker Manpower, Personnel and Training Information Sciences peter.b.walker1@navy.mil
Mike Wardlaw Maritime Sensing mike.wardlaw@navy.mil
Michael Weise Marine Mammals and Biology michael.j.weise@navy.mil
Tommy Willis Precision Navigation and Timekeeping richard.t.willis@navy.mil
Jennifer Wolk Materials & Processes for Additive Manufacturing jennifer.wolk@navy.mil
Eric Wuchina Materials for Thermal & Chemical Extremes eric.wuchina@navy.mil

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