Maritime Sensing Program

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) Maritime Sensing Program conducts multidisciplinary science and technology development of acoustic and non-acoustic sensors systems as a means to automatically develop and maintain comprehensive tactical and strategic awareness in the maritime undersea battle space. These systems may be carried as on-board equipment for Navy surface ships, submarines, aircraft and unmanned vehicles; they may also be deployed from those platforms as mobile, drifting or fixed ocean surveillance systems operating under autonomous or remote control.

The program's intent is to provide next-generation acoustic and non-acoustic sensing technology for the tactical, surveillance and undersea warfare missions of the Navy. Project scopes may range from component-level research and development to system-level technology demonstrations.

Areas of interest in undersea sensor technology include:

  • Autonomous sensors with in-sensor signal processing
  • Computationally intelligent sensor systems
  • Automated system employment and command and control decision aids
  • System design and system performance assessment tools
  • Deployable sensor components, technology and concepts of operations
  • Energy storage technology, especially high-power density/high-energy density technology
  • Environmental adaptation for acoustic sensors
  • Environmental sensors in support of acoustic and non-acoustic systems
  • High-power, high-efficiency, low-cost, low-weight/volume transduction materials or designs
  • High-efficiency, high-performance, non-acoustic sensor technologies, components and assemblies
  • Innovative sensor and/or telemetry systems
  • Innovative sensor delivery and deployment concepts
  • Acoustic and non-acoustic sensors and sources for tactical and surveillance applications
  • Volume and weight efficient power components

The program is currently emphasizing these specific technology areas:

  • Persistent undersea acoustic surveillance
  • Transducer technology
  • Sensor system adaptation and control
  • Acoustic vector sensors
  • Mine detection and classification
  • Non-acoustic mine and undersea warfare
  • Deployable autonomous distributed systems
  • Stand-off sensors

Annual Call for Planning Letters

The program's annual call for planning letters is posted. Planning letters should be received by close of business August 31, 2018, to receive full consideration. Please note that the goal is to issue awards early in fiscal year 2019 (October 2018) so that technical objectives can be achieved and expenditure benchmarks can be met within the fiscal year.

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Program Contact Information

Name: Mike Wardlaw

Title: Team Leader

Department: Code 32

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