Undersea Signal Processing Program

We have posted our call for Fiscal Year 2019 Planning Letters. The page can be found here.

Program Description

The program's goal is to develop signal processing algorithms that improve the Navy's ability to detect, identify and locate submarines in shallow and deep ocean environments. To this end, the Office of Naval Research funds basic and applied research projects at universities, federal laboratories and industry. The program is organized into the following technical thrusts:

  • Active sonar signal processing: Projects focus on active sonar systems for wide area surveillance, distributed search and battle-group defense.
  • Passive sonar signal processing: Projects focus on signal processing algorithms that detect, classify and locate modern diesel-electric submarines at tactically useful ranges.
  • Fundamental research initiatives: This program supports basic research in statistical and ocean acoustic signal processing projects conducted at universities throughout North America.

Program Contact Information

Name: Dr. John Tague

Title: Team Leader

Department: Code 32

Email for Questions: john.a.tague@navy.mil

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