Counter-Directed Energy Program

As part of the survivability and self-defense construct, the Office of Naval Research — with the Naval Postgraduate School, U.S. Naval Academy and Naval Research Laboratory — is investigating basic research topics in countering threats from directed energy weapons systems, such as high-power lasers or microwaves. The Counter-Directed Energy Weapons, or "C-DEW," program is investigating, researching and developing multiple branches for basic research for potential airborne, surface, ground and underwater applications that will focus on providing operational effectiveness in defending against various known and projected DEW systems. Efforts include examinations in new innovative technologies, techniques, tactics and procedures. This research examines both material and non-material solutions, and their implications when related to the employment of various directed weapon concepts. Studies will include various modeling of effects to address concerns for human, Soldier and Sailor safety — as well as total systems integration with existing platforms.

Program Contact Information

Name: Peter Morrison

Title: Program Manager

Department: Code 35

Division: Aerospace Research


Office of Naval Research
875 N. Randolph Street
Arlington, VA 22203-1998

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