Investment Strategy

The Navy ManTech Program investment strategy concentrates ManTech investments on reducing both the acquisition and lifecycle costs of key naval acquisition programs.

ManTech transitions manufacturing technology which, when implemented, results in a cost reduction or cost avoidance. Platforms for investment are determined by total acquisition funding; stage in acquisition cycle; platform cost reduction goals; cost reduction potential for manufacturing; and other factors primarily associated with the ability of ManTech to deliver the technology when needed.

ManTech investments are currently focused on the following affordability initiatives:

  1. Virginia Class Submarine/Columbia Class Submarine: Now expanding focus to Block IV and reduction of total ownership cost goals. Includes acquisition cost savings, maintenance cost savings and reducing total time in drydock to improve operational availability.
  2. DDG 51 Class Destroyer: Ramping up ManTech portfolio for DDG 51 restart and Flight 3
  3. CVN 78 Class Carrier: Focusing on cost reduction through process improvements with stable design
  4. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Working with Department of Defense ManTech and Air Force ManTech programs on a coordinated portfolio
  5. CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter: Added to the ManTech investment strategy as an affordability target for FY16 and out.

Although different in focus, scope and size, the affordability initiatives function similarly. For each, ManTech has established an integrated project team, or IPT, with representatives from Navy ManTech, the platform program office and representative industry. The IPT meets regularly to coordinate and review the portfolio and ensure that projects are completed in time to meet the platform’s window of opportunity for implementation.

Individual Navy ManTech projects are developed in conjunction with industry and the acquisition program manager. With their expertise in specific manufacturing areas, the Navy ManTech Centers of Excellence play a key role in project definition and serve as the program's execution agents. Planning for transition prior to the initiative of projects is critical for the implementation of technology on the factory floor and eventually unto the Fleet.

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