Achievements and successes of the Navy ManTech program are numerous and varied. Since switching to its affordability focus in 2006, the program has impacted both ship and submarine affordability and is now beginning to impact Joint Strike Fighter affordability.

Navy ManTech has established good working relationships with relevant program offices and industry, and has established a detailed internal planning effort. Affordability assessments on a per-platform basis, bought off by both the relevant program offices and industry, show good cost reduction potential, and ManTech affordability projects have been transitioning and implementing on factory floors, with cost reduction values being "booked" by industry for these programs.

Recently, Navy ManTech projects have been recognized across the manufacturing industry for outstanding accomplishments. In 2011, two projects were recipients of the Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award, which recognizes and honors those individuals from government and the private sector most responsible for outstanding technical accomplishments:

  • Carbon Bismaleimide (BMI) Fiber Placement Development: This project developed material, equipment and process improvements to optimize the automated fiber placement process for BMI materials used on composite wing skins and engine nacelle skins. Implemented for the F-35, which the Joint Strike Fighter Program Executive Office estimates will reduce costs over $100 million.
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics Manufacturing Initiative: This effort improved the manufacture of prosthetic systems for wounded warriors. The project included 1) digital design of prosthetic sockets; 2) high-resolution mapping of pressures between residual limb and socket; 3) automatic fabrication of sockets; and 4) reconfigurable materials to allow sockets to be altered to accommodate changes in the patient’s residual limb.

Virginia Class Submarine Affordability Initiative

A major achievement of the Navy ManTech Program has been our Virginia Class Submarine (VCS) affordability initiative. Extensive interaction and cooperation among Navy ManTech, Navy ManTech Centers of Excellence, General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB), Huntington Ingalls Industries – Newport News Shipbuilding, the Program Executive Office for Submarines and the PMS 450 Program Office has resulted in a focused ManTech initiative that is successfully transitioning and implementing technology to aid in the Navy’s and industry’s common goal to reduce the cost of each VCS from $2.4 billion to $2 billion (in FY05 dollars). This savings enabled the construction of two submarines per year starting in 2012.

The VCS ManTech portfolio contains nearly 120 projects on a Navy ManTech investment of approximately $87 million and has a potential cost savings of approximately $49 million per hull. As of the January 2017 GDEB implementation analysis, 41 of the ManTech affordability projects had completed and had either been implemented or were in some phase of implementation. Together these projects total $35.7 million per hull of recognized cost savings by the Program Office and GDEB. With two submarines procured every year, the annual recognized VCS cost savings are greater than the annual ManTech budget.

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